We have been informed by some students that when they log into SubmitSFSDocs.wsu.edu to complete a financial aid form, their student information is not auto-populating the “Student Information” section. We have passed the issue along to our technical team for resolution. In the meantime, please follow these troubleshooting tips:

  • Try clearing your browser’s internet data
    • You might have to do this up to 5 times
  • Make sure that you have setup your WSU Okta information
  • Try using a different browser
    • Microsoft Edge tends to have the most trouble; instead, use Chrome, FireFox, Opera
  • Your log in information SHOULD NOT include the “@wsu.edu” after your network ID”. Your login information should look as follows (this is an example only!) —
    • Username: butch.t.cougar
    • Password: G0Coug$