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Washington State University

Important Changes to Verification Requirements

The US Department of Education (ED) released a Dear Colleague Letter (Gen-21-05) that made some important changes for students selected for verification. As of 7/13/21 ED is focusing the 2021-2022 award year’s efforts strictly on identity and fraud. This means they are waiving verification for most students. The students who are selected to supply confirmation of identity will still be required to sign the statement of educational purpose and high school completion status.

SFS is working to identify the students who can have the verification processed waived. We will send a communication to all of these students letting them know they will no longer need to supply documents to our office. We will also place a comment on each account. Our anticipated timeline is to have this completed by the end of July.

Census Date

WSU runs a process called Census on the 10th day of the term. This allows us to take a “snap-shot” of enrollment for a number of reasons. Part-time students will have their aid adjusted accordingly and the aid will disburse to their account to pay off charges.

Disclaimer: Students who were at full-time enrollment pre-census but then are part-time at census will have awards reduced, which will likely create a bill for the student that will need to be paid back to WSU.

Census Policy