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Student Financial Services COVID-19 Financial Aid Information
Your COVID-19 Financial Aid Information

The Student Financial Services staff at each campus are working remotely to allow for the required social distancing. Please see each campus for additional information. We are working to provide helpful information about COVID-19 related financial aid information on this page. Please check back as we will continue to update this page.

Emergency Assistance to Students

Washington State University has a form for students to request emergency funds.  For more on this, please see the CARES Act Page.

(Information last updated: 5.20.2020)

SFS Office Operations


The Pullman office staff are working remotely to continue to process and administer financial aid. We are open for calls, Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm (10am to 3pm on Tuesdays). We are also open for virtual window appointments for those same hours. When making an appointment, students will have the option to select from a Zoom appointment or if they would like the adviser to call them. We are actively responding to emails throughout the day.

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Vancouver, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Everett, & Global …

These offices are working remotely to support students. We are taking calls and responding to emails throughout the day.
Contact your campus office!


Congress, under Section 18004 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has created a Higher Education Emergency Financial Aid Grant to students for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus at Washington State University. These funds are intended to assist with expenses students have incurred due to COVID-19 and classes moving to online instruction.

For information about the CARES Act and funding of these emergency grants to students, please see the WSU CARES Act page.


We know there are many questions related to the COVID-19 and university actions to safeguard and support the WSU community. In Student Financial Services, we are doing our best to be a resource during this time of crisis. We understand that there will be challenges faced by our students and families during the coming weeks. It is our goal to assist each of you to the extent possible. Please see below for answers to some of the questions we expect from you.


Q: I have general financial aid questions. What is the best way to reach someone?

A: The best way to speak to someone in our office about financial aid questions is to call our number at (509) 335-9711. Our Communications Center is open from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note on Tuesdays we begin taking calls at 10 AM to allow for staff training. You can also email our office at If you would like a more in-depth discussion, you can set up a virtual advising appointment during the same hours as our Communications Center. Check our Contact Information to see how to get in contact with the SFS office on your campus.


Q: How can I turn in documents that the Student Financial Services Office is requiring?

A: The best way to submit documents is through our secure online portal. Through this process, a student can log in, review any of your outstanding document requests, and securely transmit them to our office for safe and efficient review. The SubmitSFSDocs portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SFS requests that students and families avoid emailing required documents to ensure the safe and secure transmission of your personally identifiable information. If you are having issues submitting info through our online portal, please contact us at, and we will work quickly to help resolve your issue.


Q: Is there emergency funding available to students impacted by COVID-19?

A: This is a developing situation, but there are funds available for students impacted by COVID-19. Some of these funds are campus-specific, while others are not. We are working to update this information as we receive more details. Please see the FAQ section below on more information about emergency funds.  Update:  WSU is in process of releasing CARES Act funds to students who qualify, For more information, please see the WSU CARES Act page.


Q: During Spring 2020, I was employed as a Work-Study Student, but because of COVID-19, I can’t work. What are my options for assistance?

A: If this is your situation, please reach out to your employer. There is a process they can follow that may allow WSU to convert the unearned amount of your Spring work-study award to a grant that matches what you would have earned through your Spring award. Your supervisors have been given guidance to best support your ability to work when possible. You can also email us at


Q: Would my financial aid be impacted if I switched my classes from graded to Pass/Fail?

A: For several classes, students will have the option for a pass – “P” grade, pass-pass – “PP” grade, or fail – “F” grade in place of a letter grade. The “P” and “PP” grades will replace grades of “A” through “D”, and will not count towards a student’s GPA but rather attempted and completed. Be aware that the “PP” grade may not satisfy some prerequisites for certain majors. The “F” grade will be counted towards GPA and attempted but NOT completed. As an office and institution, it is our recommendation that you work with your academic department and/or academic advisor to determine which option – the Pass-Fail or Graded – best keeps you on track for degree completion.


Q: Will my summer financial aid pay to my student account in a normal fashion and timing?

A: Financial aid will pay to your account in the same manner as always. The timing of the payment is based on the start of your classes. If classes begin later in the summer, payment will also be later. Typically one week prior to the first day of your courses, both direct deposits and paper checks refunds will be issued after if your aid is greater than your outstanding charges.  For summer disbursements made prior to your SAP determination at the end of the Spring Semester, aid may be required to be returned if it is later determined that you do not meet the SAP requirements.  If this occurs, you may have the option to appeal and have your funds for summer restored.


Q:  What can I do if my or my family’s income has been impacted by COVID-19?  Can my aid for 2020-21 be reconsidered?

A: A change in income can be considered under Special Circumstances. Upon submission of our form, an appeal process is initiated where WSU will review information provided and may be able to adjust items on the FAFSA to reflect the current situation. Students and families impacted by COVID-19 would be able to be considered under this process. For questions, email the team at

(Last Updated on 5/20/20)

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(Last updated on 5/20/20)

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