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Information tables, presentations, handouts Outreach Services

butch-outreach-2Thank you for contacting the Student Financial Services outreach team!

We’re here to share with you tips, tricks, and information that will help guide current and future Cougars through the complicated maze that is Financial Aid.

If you need material for a classroom presentation, a workshop, or an informational event, complete our outreach request form.

Outreach request form

We’ll gather the needed information and find a program or presenter that meets your needs.

Our presentations, programs, and information pieces are designed to provide the most relevant information for wherever you are in the college admissions process. We strive to meet the unique and ongoing needs of each student, parent, and family member involved in the process of choosing a school and planning how to fund college.

Handouts and presentations

You’re welcome to take advantage of the handouts, guidebooks, and other materials below.

If you need information that isn’t provided below, please contact us through the outreach form or by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services. We’re ready to help.