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Washington State University
Scholarship Details Customer Support Scholarship


  • You must be a student pursuing any degree or majors in any degree.
  • You must be above 18 years.
  • We reserve all rights to verify your date of college enrollment or high school/college graduation.

More Details

  • Write an essay on the following topic:
    • “The future of the commerce. How the internet will change the consumption in 10 years?”.
  • Submit your essay in .doc (Microsoft word) or pdf format to on or before 30 August 2017
  • Do not forget to mention your full name, school and state within your entry.
    Essay must be unique, demonstrate deep understanding of the topic and research skills. We’d like to see your expertise supported by data and statistics.

Deadline: 08/30/2017

Amount: $600-1500

Online Application Available

Contact information: