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Washington State University
Scholarship Details

George Washington Carver Scholarship Fund


  • Leadership Ability, dependable, forty hours minimum volunteer work.
  • Must attend an historically black college or university (HBCU).
  • Documentation of financial need (complete financial aid/status form in application).
  • Must provide documentation of official enrollment in an approved field, or dual major in one of the following:
    • Accounting
    • Agri-business
    • Aquaculture Science
    • Biology
    • Business
    • Chemistry
    • Communication
    • Computer Science
    • Economics
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Nursing
    • Physics
    • Pre-Law
    • Pre-Med
    • Public Administration
  • All applicants must participate in a personal interview before receiving a scholarship.
  • All applicants must reapply each year.
  • Applicant must participate in both RADIOTHONS (dates to be determined).

More Details

  • Must provide a typed detailed statement of why you are applying for a scholarship and what formal goals you plan to accomplish.
  • Describe in a brief, typed paragraph some experience or responsibility you have had in the community.
  • A self-photograph must be attached with application (wallet size is sufficient).
  • Application can be found here: George Washington Carver Scholarship Fund Application

Deadline: 05/30/2017

Paper Application Available

Contact information: