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Washington State University
Scholarship Details

Rosen & Ohr Scholarship Program


  • The 2018 Rosen & Ohr Scholarship Program is accepting essays from students who have suffered injuries due to an accident or who have been impacted personally by a loved one’s accident. You must be a student enrolled in:
    • Community college
    • An undergraduate program
    • Graduate school

More Details

All applications must be submitted by July 20, 2019.

How to Apply

  • Write an essay (between 750 and 1,000 words) explaining in detail how a serious accident involving you, a family member, or a close friend has impacted your life. This could have been a car crash, a slip-and-fall accident, a work-related injury, or any other serious accident.

The application and submission guidelines can be found on the scholarship’s website.

Deadline: 07/20/2019

Amount: $1,000

Contact information: