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Washington State University
Scholarship Details Annual Scholarship Award



  • The contest is only applicable for current students, regardless of age and degree.
  • The writing you submit must be an unpublished work created by you, at least 1000 words long.
  • Your writing must abide to logical reasoning and you have to prove your point based on factual and logical argumentation. You have to cite at least 3 official sources to corroborate your argumentation and list them as references at the end of the work.
  • Send your essay by email to with the subject “YOURPETLAND SCHOLARSHIP – YOUR NAME)
  • Include your full name and contact information, such as telephone number, and a certification of your current education situation in the body of the message.
  • This document must be scanned with a good resolution and attached to your email.
  • The deadline for applications is due on October 31st, 2017.
  • The announcement of the winner is made on November 15th, 2017


More Details

Essay topic: “The Consequences of the Exotic Pets Black Market”

  • Worth around $10 billion worldwide, the illegal trading of exotic animals as pets starts with wildlife ‘sanctuaries’ that breed wild animals for entertainment. The cute white tiger or lion cubs are taken from their mothers for the sake of petting. When no longer cutter for petting, they may be either euthanized or butchered for selling parts of their bodies that are considered valuable in some cultures. The last frontier of this black market is the illegal selling of baby animals as domestic pets likewise through cruel means. Talk about some of the countless harming consequences of this kind and how these issues could be solved. The winner of the contest will win a $1000 scholarship prize for 1 year.

Deadline: 10/31/2017

Amount: $1000

Online Application Available

Contact information: