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Ayuda Financiera Estudiantil Formas de ayuda financiera
Encuentre y envíe su Formas de ayuda financiera

A continuación, encontrará nuestros formularios disponibles para completar en el año académico actual. Si no encuentra el formulario que necesita, lo más probable es que encuentre el formulario en

Comuníquese con nosotros si necesita más ayuda para localizar, completar o enviar un formulario a nuestra oficina.


  • Estos formularios solo pueden ser completados por el estudiante usando su identificación de red (NID) y contraseña. Los ID de amigo para padres u otros terceros no pueden completar estos formularios.
  • Tenga en cuenta que dependiendo de su navegador y la velocidad de su servicio de Internet, el formulario puede tardar unos minutos en cargarse.
Academic Year Revision Request - This form may be submitted when a student has a specific type of additional or unexpected education-related cost that is not originally included in their cost of attendance. This includes computer costs, transportation, rent/mortgage, child care costs, etc. This form may also be submitted if a student's class standing has recently changed and they would like to receive additional funding.
Cancellation/Reinstatement of Financial Aid - Cancellation of Financial Aid is intended for students who no longer want to be considered for any financial aid and would like us to cancel all communication/remove his or her FAFSA. This form is also for students who want their aid cancelled because they are transferring to another school.
Reinstatement of Financial Aid is for students who would like to have their aid reinstated after canceling it out through this process or leaving the university.
2020-2021 Children of Fall Heroes form: This form allows students to self-identify and document their eligibility with Student Financial Services since a single national data source of individuals who died in the line of duty while serving as a public service officer does not exist.
Census Petition Form: The Census Petition Form is for students who had their award adjusted because of their enrollment at the time of the Census “snapshot” but have an extenuating circumstance why they were not enrolled in full-time credits (or possibly part-time credits as well) on the Census Date.
Dependency Status Appeal - In certain unusual cases, when a student cannot obtain their parental information needed on the FAFSA, the Student Financial Services office can consider a student as an independent student for financial aid purposes. To be considered, a student must complete and submit a Dependency Status Appeal and the appropriate documentation to our office. For more information and situations that would qualify for a Dependency Status Appeal click here.
Loan Action Request - The Loan Action Request Form is for loan changes you, the student, cannot perform/do yourself on myWSU such as:
Reoffer (reinstate) a loan that was originally declined
Accepting more loan money than you initially did, because now you need it
Reduce (cancel) a portion of a loan already delivered
Canceling a loan for the full amount that already delivered to you
Needs Analysis Submission Form - This form will be completed if you have been asked by a scholarship donor and/or Tribal organization to provide "proof of enrollment" to them before those funds are sent to WSU.
Notification of Estimated Financial Assistance – If you notified our office of any outisde sources of funding that you will receive while attending WSU. Examples include scholarships (university, non-university, and state-funded scholarships), Third-party Guarantees, National Guard waivers, WSU Partial Veterans or Veterans Dependent waivers, LEOFF waivers, employer tuition assistance/reimbursement, private education loans, or Tribal Grants. Report estimated financial resources as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made in your award without delaying the disbursement process or requiring that you repay funds already released to you.
One-Time Computer Purchase - You may claim a one-time cost for a computer purchased during your WSU career (Undergraduate, Graduate, Professional).
Parent PLUS Loan Decline – The Parent PLUS Loan Decline is used to cancel a Parent PLUS Loan. This is also used if a Parent's credit decision was denied, and the student would like the supplemental Unsubsidized loan offered.
Permission to Release Financial Aid Information to Third Party - Students must submit this form to allow Student Financial Services to provide their financial aid information to a private scholarship provider or a tribal agency. This specific written consent is required by the Department of Education.
SAP Appeal – Log into SubmitSFSdocs and complete this form
Scholarship Designation Form – To help University Receivables designate the application of a specific scholarship for you to your student account. If you will be receiving a scholarship from a non-WSU or non-State of Washington donor, download this form and supply it to your donor as soon as you are aware of the award.
Special Circumstances Appeal – Special Circumstance Appeals can be submitted for students or parents that have a unique family situation where the financial information listed on their FAFSA or WASFA does not currently reflect their current financial situation. Any qualifying situation (with its corresponding documentation) can be considered once for adjustment. We will not adjust for the same situation more than once. For more information and situations that would qualify for a Special Circumstances Appeal click here.
Also, please be aware that depending on your browser and speed of your internet service, the form may take a few minutes to load.
Voiland College ProPEL Internship Program - This form may be submitted when a student is enrolled in the Voiland College ProPEL Internship Program and would like to utilize their financial aid while enrolled in ENGR 488.
WSU Record Change Form - This form is to be completed when the WSU student record information is incorrect and does not match what is on the FAFSA. For example, SSN, Date of Birth, Name.
2020-2021 4506-T Form: Any Independent Students or Parents who indicate they did not file taxes must provide official documentation from the IRS by obtaining a Non-filing Letter from the IRS. You will be asked to supply this letter from the IRS if you indicate you were a non-tax filer on the Student and/or Parent Income Verification Forms. Fill out this form and submit it to the IRS to obtain the Non-filing letter. We have pre-filled out some of the form for you with the correct information you need to obtain this letter. Mail or fax the completed form to the correct IRS office based on which state you reside in.