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A step by step guide The awarding process

Step by step process

1. Award notice

When we have determined how much aid you qualify for, we’ll send you an award notice (generally by email) detailing all the financial aid we can offer you.
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2. Verification

We will also request some additional documentation, including updated financial information. Be sure to return this information on time. We cannot deliver your financial aid without it.
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3. Accept your aid

Accept your financial aid and notify WSU of your decision. Your award offer will probably include more than one type of aid. You’re free to accept or decline each award based on what’s best for you.
Accept financial aid offers

4. Loan acceptance

If your aid includes loans, you’ll need to go through some additional steps to accept and receive student loans.
Accept student loans

How aid is delivered to you

During the week before school starts, financial aid funds will be posted to student accounts and will automatically be applied toward university charges. (Note: Pell Grant, Washington State Need Grant, Institutional Grant, College Bound, and Cougar Commitment will not disburse if a student is enrolled less than full time.)

On the first day of classes, any remaining aid money after all charges have been paid will be transferred to the student’s bank account. If direct deposit hasn’t been set up, a check will be mailed later in the week.

Spring 2017

January 3rd: Financial aid for the spring term will electronically deliver to students’ accounts and pay university charges posted.

January 4th: Direct deposits will be issued to students who have “leftover” aid after all charges have been paid.

January 4th: Checks will be sent to student’s who have any aid above tuition and fees and who were not signed up for direct deposit.

January 20th: Census Date: a “snapshot” of all WSU students’ enrollment will be taken for the spring 2016 term.

January 23rd: the Student Financial Services office will automatically start reducing grants and making award adjustments for students in less than full-time credits based on Census Date Enrollment. Students do not need to take any action. Students will receive an email when this adjustment has been made. Grant funds will be delivered electronically to students’ accounts.

Full Calendar

Setup Direct Deposit

To set up direct deposit via myWSU, visit the Student Center, select Finances, and then select Manage Student’s Direct Deposit.

Please note: if charges post after a refund check is sent to a student, the student is responsible for paying charges remaining to the account.

Census Policy

WSU’s Census Date is the tenth day of the semester. On this day, WSU will take a “snapshot” of your enrollment for the semester. This snapshot determines what financial aid (loans and grants) you will receive for the term.

It is extremely important that you finalize your class schedule by 4:00 PM (PST) on the tenth day of the semester. This will allow us to ensure that your award is accurate. Also, you will be unable to access your myWSU account to make any changes while our “snapshot” is being taken. Your financial aid will be recalculated if you are less than full time on this date.

Other Things You Should Know:

  • Your aid will be recalculated for enrollment changes based on or before this date.
  • To be eligible to receive federal loans, you need to be enrolled at least half-time (Undergrad — 6 credits; Grad — 5 credits). Loans will automatically disburse for students’ enrolled half-time.
  • Pell Grants, State Need Grant, Institutional Grant, and the College Bound Scholarship are reduced/pro-rated for students in less than 12 credits, based on enrollment level.
  • Cougar Commitment is not available for part time enrollment and it will be canceled.
  • If you are enrolled in less than full-time credits, Student Financial Services will adjust your grants based on your credit level and will deliver these monies after this date. No action is required on your part. You will be notified by your WSU email when this is done.
  • If you are enrolled in full-time credits, no action is required on your part and there is no impact to your financial aid award.
  • If your enrollment drops below half-time prior to Census (Undergrad-6 credits; Grad-5 credits; and MBA Program-Online-3 credits) your aid will be canceled.
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