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Washington State University
Getting financial aid for Summer Session

Summer Session is a great way to get ahead in your academic program. Our office is committed to providing opportunities for students outside of the traditional academic year.

Remember, Summer Session is separate from all other terms and the financial aid process is also different. Be sure to follow the process outlined here—and please contact us if you have any questions.

Register for Summer Session

Got questions about late fees or summer specific questions? Please email for further clarification!

Summer aid requirements

In order to receive summer aid, you must be enrolled in WSU Summer Session:

  •  Undergraduate students: 6 credits
  •  Graduate students: 3 credits

If you are Pell Grant, Washington College Grant or College Bound eligible and you did not use all your annual award for these aid sources during the regular academic year, you could receive summer aid even if you’re enrolled in fewer than 6 credits. Awards would be prorated based on the total number of credits you are enrolled in for the term.

If you are Pell Grant eligible and you did use all of your annual award during the regular academic year, you may be eligible for additional Pell Grant during the summer when you are enrolled in at least 6 credits.


  • Your FAFSA must be received and processed by WSU by July 17th.
  • The last day students can accept loans for guaranteed summer-term delivery is July 17th.

Summer financial aid process

Financial aid for summer follows these basic steps:

  1. Complete the FAFSA for the current academic year at Once this is done, we can begin reviewing your information.
  2. Register for Summer classes (minimum 6 credits, undergraduate; 3 credits, graduate).
  3. You will receive an email from WSU Student Financial Services letting you know whether you are eligible to receive summer aid. We will send a notice to your WSU email when your financial aid offer is ready.
  4. Log in to myWSU to accept/decline your awards. To find your award on myWSU, go to Student Center > Finances > View Financial Aid Award.
  5. Aid disburses to your student account on the first day of the first summer session in which you’re enrolled.

Summer tuition and fees

What types of aid are available?

Grants, loans, and work-study

Typically, federal financial aid for summer consists of grants and loans that you qualified for during the academic year but did not accept or use.

Availability of funds for these programs during the summer depends on two factors:

  1. Whether the qualifying grants and loans were fully used during the academic year. If you did not use your entire Federal Pell Grant and Direct Subsidized loan eligibility during the fall and spring semesters, then it’s possible you could receive these forms of financial aid.
  2. Whether the university has available monies to offer students (Institutional Grant and work-study). If funds are available, you may also qualify for institutional grants and work-study depending on your EFC (expected family contribution) as determined by the FAFSA.

If you qualify for the College Bound Scholarship Program, you may be able to use funds for summer if you have remaining eligibility within the program.


In general, university scholarships are not awarded during the summer, but some WSU departments and colleges do award scholarships during this term. It’s best to contact the academic department for more information.

Some scholarships may require you to be enrolled as a full-time student, which means you would have to be enrolled in 12-18 summer credits as an undergraduate or 10-18 summer credits as a graduate/professional student.

Summer Cost of Attendance

All students, regardless of their residency, pay in-state tuition.

Summer Per Credit Tuition:
Undergraduate: $577.75
Graduate: $662.70

Summer 2024 Mandatory Fees Pullman (Undergraduates):

FeePer CreditMaximum
Rec Center$33.00$100.00
Cub Fee$24.00$72.00
Cougar Health ServicesN/A$83.00
Tech Fee$2.00$20.00

Summer 2024 Mandatory Fees Pullman (Graduates):

FeePer CreditMaximum
Mandatory Fees (Graduate)N/A$235.00

Summer 2024 Mandatory Fees Spokane:

FeePer CreditMaximum
Spokane Health Fee (Undergraduate, Graduate, & Pharmacy)N/A$100.00

Summer 2024 Mandatory Fees Vancouver:

FeePer CreditMaximum
Vancouver Technology Fee (Undergraduate)N/A$12.00
Vancouver Technology Fee (Graduate)N/A$6.00

Dropping classes and canceling enrollment

Dropping classes

Dropping a class could affect your current financial aid. If you drop below the minimum credit requirement, your aid could be cancelled, which would create a bill you must pay the university.

If dropping a class would cause you to drop below the minimum credit hour requirement, you will need to add a new class to replace it. Our office will send you an email if at any time during the summer session you fall below the minimum credit requirement for aid.

I received a SAP denial notice. Can I still get summer aid?

If you’ve received a SAP denial notice, you must file an online SAP appeal immediately to be considered for financial aid for the summer term. If your appeal is approved, you would be placed on an Academic Plan for summer. The academic plan must be signed and returned as soon as possible to our office before your summer financial aid will deliver to your student account.

If you do not appeal, any summer financial aid already disbursed will be cancelled and you will owe the university this money.

SAP appeals must be submitted before the last week of the first session you are enrolled, not including intersession.

Submit a SAP appeal. If you need any assistance or clarification, contact us at

SAP requirement

Dropping classes or canceling enrollment may affect your financial aid eligibility for future terms. If you’re not meeting the federal and/or state defined requirements for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward a degree, you could be placed in a warning or denial SAP status.

See SAP requirements here.

Canceling enrollment

Withdrawing from all of your classes in the summer could cause a portion of your summer financial aid to be cancelled and returned to the U.S. Department of Education based on when you withdrew from your classes. This is a requirement based on the federal policy of Return of Title IV Funds.

If you need to cancel your summer enrollment, please contact us. We can help make sure the financial aid process goes smoothly.

If your summer aid doesn’t arrive on time

If your summer aid does not deliver on the first day of your class, contact us immediately or stop by your campus Student Financial Services office.

A financial aid counselor will review your financial aid offer and help resolve the issue. The counselor will also tell you when you should expect your money pending the resolution.