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Washington State University
Search for On-Campus Employment

Help yourself with a student job

In many cases, your financial aid package will not cover all of your expenses for the academic year. Even if financial aid could cover all your expenses, you should think seriously about how to avoid loans that could weigh you down after graduation.

Getting a student job can be a win right now and a win for your future. Among the benefits:

  • Funds to cover your student account
  • Valuable work experience for your resume
  • Money for living expenses
  • Reduce loans or even avoid them altogether

WSU has a wide range of employment opportunities for students. Many campus jobs are compatible with work-study awards. Others may be eligible for co-curricular credit or internship credits. On-campus jobs often give you the ability to schedule work hours around your classes.

For help and information on finding jobs on campus or anywhere in Pullman, be sure to visit the Academic Success & Career Center.

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Consider a Work-Study job

If you’re eligible for Work-Study, you have the opportunity to directly reduce or even eliminate student loans and gain work experience (often in your area of study) while funding your education.

Most jobs on campus are open to Work-Study applicants.

Work-Study opportunities