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Student Financial Services ROTC Scholarships
ROTC Scholarships

What is ROTC?

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps—or ROTC—is a program dedicated to the training of the Military’s future leaders. In exchange for a dedicated term of service, ROTC participants—known as cadets—receive a funding for their education, as well as, a guaranteed career after college and many other benefits. At Washington State University, students have access to ROTC programs from all three of the major branches of the military: Army, Navy/Marines, and Air Force.

Please note that the Naval ROTC program is located on the University of Idaho, Moscow campus through an agreement between the two schools.


Location: Washington State University, Pullman

Scholarship: Full Tuition and Fee coverage OR $10,000 per year to cover Room and Board

Other Benefits: $1200 per year book stipend; $420 per month allowance


  • Four Year Scholarship: Four years full-time as an Army Officer then extend for four years or serve four years with the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)
  • Two or Three Year Scholarships: Four years mandatory service



Location: University of Idaho, Moscow

Scholarship: Full Tuition and Mandatory Fees (no Room and Board)

Other Benefits: $750 per year book stipend; escalating ($250–$400) per month allowance


  • Navy Option: Minimum five years active duty, with additional requirements depending on job assignment.
  • Marine Corps Option: Minimum four years active duty
  • Navy Nurse Corps Option: Minimum four years active duty

Contact: UI Navy ROTC

Air Force ROTC

Location: Washington State University, Pullman

Scholarship: Covers tuition, books, and fees. Amounts vary by scholarship type.

  • Type 1: Full Tuition
  • Type 2: Capped at $18,000 per year ($9000 per semester)
  • Type 7: Capped at in-state tuition rate.

Other Benefits: $300–$500 monthly stipend for contracted cadets dependent on cadets level in the program.

Commitment: Service commitment is typically four years; however, varies by career.

Contact: WSU Airforce ROTC

WSU Vancouver Students

WSU Vancouver students are able to participate in Army and Air Force ROTC through a joint agreement with the University of Portland. For more information, you can visit the WSU Vancouver ROTC page or contact the recruiters at the University of Portland.

University of Portland Army ROTC

University of Portland Airforce ROTC