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Outside Scholarships

Where is My Scholarship?

  1. Contact Donor: First check if your Donor has sent the check to WSU. Ask them when and where they sent the check.
  2. Contact Bursar’s Office: If it has been more than 3 weeks since funds were mailed to the correct address, contact the WSU Bursar’s Office Scholarship Desk.
  3. Contact Student Financial Services:
    • When the Bursar’s Office receives and processes your scholarship, you will receive an email notification. If your scholarship is not posted to your Financial Aid package 10 business days after receiving the email from the Bursar’s Office, or if your scholarship is posted to your Financial Aid Package but has not disbursed to your student account, contact the Student Financial Services Scholarship Team.

How to view your award

See the Outside Scholarship Process  below for more details.

Is Your Donor Requesting Documents?

Scholarship donors may ask to verify your enrollment, your financial aid award, your financial need, or your cost of attendance budget before sending your scholarship funds. There are many ways to get information from donors including instant, self-serve options:

 Enrollment Verification: Need proof of enrollment? Get your enrollment verification instantly!

 Print your Financial Aid Award Letter:  Instructions for Printing your Financial Aid Award

Submit a form for Student Financial Services to complete:  Needs Analysis Submission Form – Submit Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) forms or other forms from your scholarship donor or Tribal Organization that must be completed by the Financial Aid office on your behalf.  Reminder: Complete all Student Portions of form before submission!

Applying for Tribal Aid?  Get additional support through Native American Programs

Is your Donor sending funds directly to you?

  • Complete the Notification of Estimated Financial AssistanceStudents must report any outside funding other than Federal Financial Aid to Student Financial Services each award year to ensure students are receiving accurate funding.  Some examples include scholarships (university, non-university, and state-funded scholarships), third-party guarantees, employer tuition assistance/reimbursement, or Tribal funding. Report estimated financial resources as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made in your award without delaying the disbursement process or requiring that you repay funds already released to you.

Where Do I Send Scholarship Checks?

Scholarships for all WSU campus locations are sent to the Washington State University Bursar’s Office in Pullman.

Bursar’s Office
Attn: Scholarship Desk
PO Box 641039
342 French Ad Bldg
Pullman, WA 99164-1039
509-335-9711 ext. 9

Student Financial Services,
Scholarships Team

For Donors: Tell WSU who the student is & how to apply the scholarship!

When sending scholarship checks, include:

    • Student name
    • WSU ID Number
    • Any instructions or requirements for disbursal including:
      • Enrollment requirements including if funds are ok to release at less than full time enrollment.
      • If funds are all for one specific term or if funds should be split evenly between fall and spring semester.

The Scholarship Designation Form is an optional form for donors to complete. While the Designation Form is not required, it is strongly encouraged to supply us with this information so we can know exactly who the scholarship is for, and how we can apply it. The form supplies the address to send the payment and a place for the donor to designate how they would like the scholarship(s) to be applied to the student-recipient’s account.

Scholarships received without instructions will be disbursed with the following policies:

No Instructions for split between terms: the WSU Bursars Office will evenly split awards $1,000 and up between fall and spring, awards $999.99 and below will be applied to the current term only.  (WSU Bursar’s Office)

No Enrollment requirements: WSU will assume that the donor has no enrollment requirements, and the scholarship is ok to release at less than full time. Scholarships for students enrolled in at least one credit will be disbursed.


Need scholarships funds returned to donor? Complete the Scholarship Return Request

Outside Scholarship Process

Donor Sends the Scholarship Check

  • Donors send the scholarship check(s) to WSU Pullman’s Bursar’s Office
    • Scholarships for all students enrolled at all campus locations are sent to the Washington State University Bursar’s Office in Pullman.
  • When sending scholarship checks, include:
    • Student Name
    • WSU ID Number
    • Any instructions or requirements for disbursal, including:
          • Enrollment Requirement or if funds are okay to release at less than full-time enrollment.
          • If funds are all for one specific term or if they should be divided by semester

Donors are strongly encouraged to fill out the optional Scholarship Designation Form to specify any specific rules/permissions that come with the scholarship.

WSU Receives Your Donor’s Check

  • Once the WSU Bursar’s Office receives AND processes the scholarship check, the student will receive an email notification.
  • The scholarship is then sent to WSU Student Financial Service to be added to the student’s financial aid package.
  • Within 5-10 business days from the date of processing by the Bursar’s Office, the scholarship will be added to the student’s financial aid package.
    • Your financial aid package will then be evaluated and adjusted to ensure you are within Cost of Attendance and Need Based Financial Aid limits; if changes are made you will be sent a communication.

Scholarship Funds Disburse to You

  • Financial Aid, including scholarships, will release 10 days before the start of the semester.
    • Scholarships received and posted after the start of the semester will be release within 3-5 business days of the financial aid adjustment related to the scholarship.
  • Scholarships are automatically applied towards tuition and fees on your student account.
  • If the scholarship award is greater than the current bill on your account, they are refunded to you in either a physical check or direct deposit.
    • As a reminder: Refunds post to accounts with Direct Deposit in 1-3 business days, mailed checks can take 7-10 business days to be delivered.

Before Disbursal, Enroll in Direct Deposit
Avoid waiting for a physical check to arrive in the mail!

  • To enroll in direct deposit, students should go to myWSU, select Financial Account > Account Services > Enroll in Direct Deposit
  • To update direct deposit information, students should go to myWSU , select Financial Account > Account Services > Manage My Bank Accounts
  • Students who are not enrolled in direct deposit will receive a paper check to the local mailing address on record with the university. Students may check this address by going to go to myWSU, Main Menu > My Profile > Addresses > Mailing Address.


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