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Washington State University
Student Financial Services Student Athletes-scholarships and forms
Important information for student athletes

Athletic Aid Reference Information

Student-athletes are subject to unique aid rules, benefits and policies.  The following printable reference materials will assist you as you work with WSU Athletics and Student Financial Services to maintain aid compliance while funding your academic career.

Primary Athletic Aid Contacts

Brad Corbin
Sr Associate Athletics Director-Compliance
Phone: (509) 335-4326
Fax: (509) 335-0208

Cassandra McDevitt
Athletic Aid Advisor
Phone: (509) 335-9743

Information Resources

For information regarding tuition, fees, housing, stipends, scholarships, disbursements, and quick contact information see our:

Athletic Aid Brochure

NCAA Athletic Financial Aid Rules


When offered a scholarship, whether by a WSU department or an outside organization, students are required to receive approval from the athletic compliance team.  Please use the appropriate form below to complete this process (you can read more about this in the Athletic Aid Reference Guide above):

Outside (Non-WSU) Scholarship Questionnaire

Institutional (WSU-awarded) Scholarship Questionnaire

International Student Athlete Forms