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Student Financial Services Forget the Fees
Forget the Fees

Paying for college can be stressful and late fees can make things even more challenging – WE CAN HELP!

Student Financial Services and the Bursar’s Office are working together to offer you an opportunity to get your first late fee waived and gain the financial management tools that you can use for a lifetime.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Select the presentation(s) you want to attend

2. Register for the event(s)

3. Attend the presentation(s) and get your first late fee waived!

You only need to attend one (1) presentation in order to receive your waiver. We have multiple presentations for you to choose from with varying topics. You are welcome to attend as many presentations as you would like, but you only need the one to get the waiver. Below is a list of presentations you can register for. This offer will only apply to the first 3% late fee for the Spring ’24 semester.

You can get the 3% late fee penalty waived for attending one of the sessions below (*current Spring 24 tuition and mandatory fees must be paid in full before the late fee can be waived or removed)

Budgeting Basics for College Life and BeyondMon. Jan 29 20246pm - 7pmSpark 227
Making Your Money Work for YouTue. Jan 30 20245pm - 6pmSpark 227
Affordability Resources: Scholarships and MoreMon Feb 12 20246pm - 7pmSpark 227
Understanding Student Loans and Debt ManagementTue Feb 13 20245pm - 6pmSpark 227
Credit Cards and Building Good CreditMon Feb 26 20246pm - 7pmSpark 227
Investing in Your FutureTue Feb 27 20245pm - 6pmSpark 227

Looking for more helpful financial literacy tips and tricks? Visit Cougar Money Matters and log in to the CMM Learning Portal with your WSU ID to gain access to all kinds of quick articles and videos on topics like budgeting, student loans, entrepreneurship and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already paid my first late fee?

No problem. Once that late fee is waived, the overpayment will be refunded.

How do I know I have a late fee?

If you received the email with a link to this website, you had a late fee applied to your account. If you have since made payments or financial aid has been disbursed to your account, you can look in your Financial Account in myWSU to see if fees are still on your account.

Click on the Financial Account tile. Below Student Account, you should be able to see your balance and below that a red button that says View Activity. Here you can see a breakdown of all your charges including if you have a late fee.

Can I go to more than one presentation?

Yes! You can come to as many of the four presentations that you would like to. However, you will need to attend at least 1 presentation to receive the first late fee waiver. You will not receive any further late fee waivers/reductions if you attend more than 1.

What if I miss the presentation that I registered for?

Unfortunately, you won’t get credit for participating in the presentation, but you can register for another. We will have a QR code at the end of each presentation that you will be able to scan to record your attendance – so make sure to stay until the end in order to get your late fee waived.

What if I can’t make it to any of the presentations?

Complete a Late Fee Petition Form through the Bursar’s Office.

How long will it take for the fee reduction and waivers to be reflected on my charges?

We will make the proper changes to your account within 3-5 business days after the presentation you have attended.

If I have late fees from previous terms or know I will be getting upcoming fees, can I get those waived by attending a presentation?

This offer will only apply to the first 3% late fee for the Spring ’24 semester. If you have or are expecting to get new late fees, complete a Late Fee Petition Form through the Bursar’s Office.